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American Bikers Aimed Towards Education
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What is A.B.A.T.E.

ABATE is an acronym for American Bikers Aimed Towards Education.  We are a non-profit organization formed to promote and protect the interests of motorcyclists.  We are a grassroots organization which provides information on federal, state, and local legislation affecting motorcyclists. We are also committed to motorcycle safety supporting the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF)/New York State Motorcycle Safety Program (NYSMSP) which provides motorcycle safety programs throughout New York State. Finally, we provide information about social events for riders.

If you would like more information on ABATE you may write to:

Southern Tier ABATE
PO Box 2441
Binghamton, NY 13902

ABATE Is Not "Just" the Helmet Guys!

ABATE is an organization dedicated to the rights of motorcyclists, comprised of many differenct people who share one common thread – we love and ride motorcycles. We need a voice in the decisions that are being made regarding motorcycling, not only in New York State but also in Washington, DC.

ABATE is a motorcycle rights organization that represents ALL motorcyclists. We don't judge people by the motorcycle that they ride. Membership is open to anyone who cares to get involved in protecting his or her rights as a motorcyclist. All are welcome to attend our meeting and events.

ABATE believes that a majority of the anti-motorcycle laws are enacted because of ignorance due to a lack of representation by motorcyclists.

ABATE works closely with other motorcycle rights organizations throughout the country to ensure that the facts and motorcyclists' views are presented to our elected officials.

Let Those Who Ride, Decide!

ABATE does not advocate that you ride without a helmet, only that you have the right to make that decision for yourself.

Chapter Meetings

The Southern Tier Chapter of ABATE of NY meets on the 2nd Thursday of each month at:

J. P. Mangan American Legion Post 1194
363 West Service Road
Hillcrest, NY 13901

Meetings start at 7:00pm.

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