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I looked up the term biker and found it to be a motorcyclist. I looked up motorcyclist and found it to be a person who rides a two wheeled vehicle with a motor and no pedals. Now I find that to be in my view, All Wrong. A biker can be someone who rides on the front in the driver’s seat or in the passenger’s seat. There are biker wannabes, has been, will be, maybe, can be, should be, and can’t be. There are bikers on three wheeled vehicles and four. I was told there are only two kinds of bikers. Those that have been down and those that are going down. I did both. There are also those that nearly went down, I did that with three different deer. The ten point buck cost me over a thousand dollars in parts.

A biker just has a passion for being on and near motorcycles. Your world revolves around it. You check the weather everyday. You plan all trips on your bike. The whole summer revolves around it. You go to Bike Night several nights a week in several different locations. I went to Bike Night at the Quaker Steak and Lube in PA, a lot of crotch rockets doing endos (a word not yet in the dictionary) there. They come down a big hill to reach their destination on only their front tire. You look for biker events and attend as many as possible. Your friends have bikes. You have bike stories and more stories. You compare injuries. My patch says, “If you don’t limp, you ain’t sh*t”. You visit the different dealers and buy a shirt, a hat, and some parts. Your closet is full of leather and helmets and gear for different weather. I stop at every dealer I see from here to my destination of travel.

I have had a bike on the Champion Speedway track twice; hit the wall once. I have taken my Vmax to Skyview for test and tune. They told me they would allow me on the track this time in sneakers, but next time I come back to show up in boots. I wheelied my Vmax in second gear on the track…….Yahoo… I have been to Americade, Laconia, and Johnstown for Bike Weeks.

Some of the places I have been that you might want to check out……….

  • Bill’s Old Barn……..PA….Route 11 Good stop for our fun run next summer.
  • Numidia………..The All Harley Drags
  • AMA in Ohio, they have a different display every month. I seen the Arlen Ness bikes.
  • Milwaukee, home of the Harley factory. I seen the Evil Knievel display. That changes as well. Always something of interest.
  • Wheels Through Time in North Carolina………..all American motorcycles that actually run, the owner is an awesome guy and what they have on display will capture your undivided attention.
  • Motorcyclepedia in Newburgh. 2 floors of every Indian motorcycle made, the Wall of Death is in the basement and up and running. The Ed Roth collection of bikes is there. Lots more also.
  • Carlisle Bike event. Where they wouldn’t let me ride the new Vmax in sandals. These guys need to get a life, I can ride barefoot.
  • Blackthorne Resort and Bike Show, where I watched the resort burn to the ground. Men were running all around carrying Harley Davidson’s away from the fire because their owners with the key to the bikes weren’t nearby.

All that in one summer.

Like I said, life is full when you are a biker. Winter comes, you can go south with your bike or rent a bike in the south. You can polish your bike in the winter, you can cuddle with your fellow biker and sort pictures of your adventures and plan for the next year. When you are a biker, you always have a friend and someone to ride with. Ten of us get together once a month and set a destination, such as Sylvan Beach, the Hawk’s Nest, or a restaurant on a lake with a view, something of interest and a good time. Never a dull moment and freedom (if you disregard the regulations and laws), the open air, the camaraderie, and you and your bike down the road.

Biker Chick,

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