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Legislative Report

Met with NYS Assemblyman Cliff Crouch who co-sponsors the ABATE-supported bill (A06695) which “[e]stablishes a motorcycle safety awareness component as a requirement for licensing.” During the discussion, he indicated that requiring insurance policies notify the insured that “no fault” doesn’t cover motorcycles (A00216/S06455) made both common and economic sense. Assemblywoman Lupardo didn’t make set meeting and needs to be rescheduled.

Current Legislation

ABATE's Legislative Position (support, oppose, no position) Paper

Search for motorcycle related bills: Notes:
  1. Both sites list bills from both the NYS Senate and Assembly.  However, there are minor discrepancies between the two sites and it is recommended that you review both sites.
  2. Single-house bills rarely get out of committee.

AMA Guide to Communicating with the Government

You'd like to say something, but you just don't know how.  Read How to Communicate with Government an AMA publication geared to motorcycle advocacy.

Reporting Roadblock Abuses

On Monday, Aug 29th (2011), I met with the New York State Attorney General's Representative to discuss the roadblock abuses. I requested an invesigation into the actions of the state police. They were receptive to our complaint and we now have a mechanism to report all incidents directly to the Attorney General's Office. If you or anyone you know has been a victim of motorcycle profiling, call me at 518-239-4560 and I will help you to file a complaint. Let's follow through on this and let them know we're fed up with the harassment.


Albany Freedom Rally 2014

The following was sent to us by Congresswoman Donna Lupardo (ABATE member 19 years):

Here is a link to the article from the 2014 rally in Albany. I've already heard back from the I Love NY Director (see Welcome page) who is interested in doing something. I'll keep you posted.


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