ABATE of New York State, Inc., Southern Tier Chapter
American Bikers Aimed Towards Education
Lost Brethren
A tribute to members no longer with us!

Bruce Alden 1954-2009 Bruce Alden
1954 - 2009
Overhead the eagle cries.
While in sleep a brother lies.
The winds of memory, the pains within.
A fallen brother, a friend.

White line of light,
Freedom from death's might,
Bike-silent, ol' lady alone,
The force above calling him home.

Bikes abreast two by two.
A gray sprinkle in ocean blue.
Look above, see him there.
Heaven's wind in his hair.

Colors flying on a cloud,
Brotherhood of the proud.
A thousand came while millions cry,
to see a brother ride the sky.

A poem by James Jennings
Glen Bob Brozyna 1955-2008 Glen Bob Brozyna
1955 - 2008
George (Shadow) Card 1942-2009 George (Shadow) Card
1942 - 2009
Ron Cauz 1950-1997 Ron Cauz
1950 - 1997
Richard (RC) Cron 1950-2005 Richard (RC) Cron
1950 - 2005
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Andrew "Andy" Ellis
1959 - 2016
Tom Fleming 1958-2010  Tom Fleming
1958 - 2010
 Tom Fleming Davy's Tribute
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Ronald "Pops" Jones
1946 - 2017
Deborah Matson
"Big Deb"
1956 - 2012
Tom West 1953-2001

Tom West
1953 - 2001


Lost Brethren
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