ABATE of New York State, Inc., Southern Tier Chapter
American Bikers Aimed Towards Education
Membership (Past, Present, & Future)

Recent Activity (November 2017-December 2017)

Currently we have 41 Members. That is down 1 from our last report.

We had no new Members join us.


We welcome new Members!
Help us reach out to new members!

We had 5 Members renew.

  1. Tim Jackson {5 yrs}
  2. Don Lantz Jr. {6 yrs}
  3. Steve Petrylak {11 yrs}
  4. Carolyn Pierce {5 yrs}
  5. Paul Rurka {14 yrs}

Thank you for your continued support.

We have 7 Charter/Life Term Members.

  1. John H. Day Jr. {15 yrs}
  2. Mike DeBetta {25 yrs}
  3. Tony DeWan {17 yrs}
  4. Donald "Corky" Edwards {25 yrs}*November
  5. Steve Faughnan {19 yrs}
  6. Sid Gyles {17 yrs}
  7. Sonny Pagliaro {13 yrs}
*Membership Anniversary

Members Dropped

  1. Kirt Hartford {1 yr}
Members Past Due

  1. Charlie Lohmeyer {20 yrs}
  2. John McKenzie {20 yrs}
  3. Timothy A Rudolph {3 yrs}
Members due in January 2018
  1. Carl Squires {9 yrs}
Members due in February 2018
  1. Tim Columbia {6 yrs}
  2. Steven Kizis {14 yrs}

Please keep your membership current. Your membership is crucial to fight for our aims and purposes.
We will only keep you on for 2 months after your membership card expiration date.

In Memoriam/New Forever Member: Ronald R. Jones {19 yrs}

Life Term Membership Program

The Life Term Membership program offers a one-time payment based on the number of years the member has in the organization. Beginning with their 25th year they are automatically a Charter Life Member and dues are waived.

    0-5 yrs Membership is $400.00
  6-10 yrs Membership is $300.00
11-15 yrs Membership is $200.00

In addition to all benefits of a full member the Life Member will receive:  A Life Member patch, A distinctive Life Member card, and yearly pins.
Lost Brethren
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