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Fixed Hazard

Rt 38B and Maple Dr

The following was submitted by John McKenzie:

Okay, I spoke to a gentleman at New York State DOT about the potentially dangerous road conditions at the intersection of Rt. 38B and Maple Dr here in Broome County. His Name is Don Pencek, and he apparently holds a high rank there at DOT.

I explained in detail to Mr. Pencek what I saw there and that I took pictures, spoke to the Broome County Sheriff's Office and now was following up with a call to DOT.

Mr. Pencek told me that he will have one of his workers look at the area in question, and then get back to him with a report, and possible recommendation. Mr. Pencek doesn't think guard rails are the answer, as I suggested, as that would actually become more of a hazard. However, a more passive deterrent, like the brake away orange polls with reflective tape on them would help keep cars and trucks from going off the shoulder there throwing gravel into the intersection.

Mr. Pencek said it will be looked into next week, and that he will call me back as to what, if anything, can be done. Hope this helps a little, and I hope I hear from someone there at DOT regarding this matter soon.

Here's an addendum to the pictures I sent you Friday. I sent new pictures I took today of the intersection at Rt. 38B and Maple Dr. I got a call from a friend who lives out that way this morning telling me that DOT was working the intersection. Looks like Mr. Pencek got right on the problem. Amazing. As you can see by the photos I took three of the pylons are already toppled. Not sure if some idiot hit them or if some kids knocked them over. Anyway, the state will probably do some more studying of the situation at that intersection. A couple of the pylons the whole base came right off the pavement. Looks like they're going to need a stronger glue.

38B-Maple St Intersection 38B-Maple St Intersection 138B-Maple St Intersection 2 38B-Maple St Intersection Gravel  38B-Maple St Intersection-Pylon 38B-Maple St Intersection-Pylon 1 38B-Maple St Intersection-Pylon

 John McKenzie now reports this intersection has been fixed!

38B Maple St Intersection Now Fixed38B Maple St Intersection Now Fixed38B Maple St Intersection Now Fixed38B Maple St Intersection Now Fixed

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